FRoSTA AG based in Bremerhaven essentially consists of the brand, trademark, and non-retail/food service business, which is primarily focused on the out-of-home market.

However, the foodservice business within FRoSTA AG did not always exist. You can read about when it was founded, how it has developed since then, what we do today, and where our journey will take us in the future below - enjoy!


The new decade is only just beginning, but we have already achieved a great deal and have many more plans. Naturally, FRoSTA Foodservice will continue to offer top-quality high-convenience products in the future.

However, we also want to reduce our emissions even further and become a completely climate-neutral company, commit ourselves even more strongly to sustainable fishing and the preservation of fish diversity, and become even more involved in the topic of animal welfare by launching our "Broiler Chicken Initiative" and significantly increasing the proportion of vegetarian and vegan products in our range.


FRoSTA Foodservice GmbH has long been established within FRoSTA AG as a frozen food specialist for the out-of-home market and the industrial sector and is also a mainstay in the company's business model. In addition to our large convenience assortment consisting of, for example, high-quality ready-to-eat and fish dishes, we continue to develop special products for our user groups for their gastronomical offerings, e.g. sprayed pasta varieties from our own fresh pasta production.

In this respect, we are always in close contact with these users, enabling us to be fully aware of market requirements and to use this knowledge as a foundation for the development of new products. All our products distinguish themselves not only through the use of excellent raw materials but also by their high level of user-friendliness and reliability. For example, products developed for preparation in a combination-steamer are ready to use and do not require any additional fat - saving time, money, and calories.

Aspects such as the portionability of our products, handcrafted appearance, and economical preparation methods are also very important to users in the bulk foodservice industry and are therefore also a top priority in our development work. Combinations. And true to FRoSTA Foodservice's tradition, everything is natural: no artificial colorings, aromatic additives, flavor enhancers, or any other additives that require labeling on the menu!


What started out with a question mark or two was quickly turning into a success story: More and more business clients became interested in FRoSTA products for their gastronomic operations, which were already well-known and popular among end consumers.

As a result, an increasing number of foodservice operations - whether company canteens, cafeterias, daycare centers/schools, catering for the sick and elderly, system catering, or even "normal" restaurants - became our customers, and the FRoSTA foodservice team grew steadily.


Known today as FRoSTA Foodservice, in 1991 the "Arges Handelsgesellschaft mbH" was founded. Naturally, FRoSTA already had customers from the foodservice sector prior to its establishment, but this was the first time that a separate company "officially" operated within FRoSTA AG, serving the needs of our business clients from the foodservice sector, such as cafeterias, canteens, social catering, system gastronomy, and restaurants.

We were thus able to meet the steadily growing demand for our products from these user groups.