Purity Pledge

No additives that require labeling on menus – this is not only a promise from FRoSTA Foodservice to our customers, it also represents real added value for them. After all, no guest enjoys having to deal with small print and asterisked texts? And neither do we.

That' s why we've simply done away with it altogether. Just as you can – with FRoSTA Foodservice products.

No additives subject to labeling ...

… on your menu is something that already applies to the majority of our products today and what we're still working on regarding a few exceptions. Since a "clean" ingredient list is a given for us, we try to make all our products based on "clean label recipes" from the start. This means that they are free of all additives subject to labeling on the menu, such as artificial coloring and flavor enhancers.

As a result, our products bear the o.k. (plus) logo – Products with this seal are not only "o.k.", i.e. "without obligatory labeling", but additionally free of flavorings and yeast extract.