Our assortment is characterized by top quality and depth. We offer products for all foodservice user groups, occasions and times of the day. This includes specialty products designed specifically to suit your foodservice needs. However, the best way to see for yourself is to explore our product categories.

Plant Based Fish & Meat

"From the field Feld" is the name of our vegan range, whose market success ensures consistent growth. Within the plant-based range, we are expanding this assortment even further and offer the most sought-after protein replacement products all from one source - with the best taste and highest product quality. Because only those who cultivate their field properly can also harvest profitably; the trade as well as the gastronomy.

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Plant Based Stir-Fry Dishes

Pan-fried dishes entirely without animal ingredients - ideal for a plant-based sustainable diet. That's what our new plant-based range stands for, which is completely free of animal ingredients and labelled additives, but is really delicious. Zero animal, fully irresistible and super convenient - that's what you can expect from our new plant-based range. Would you like to try our new plant-based products? Then don't hesitate to contact us.

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If your guests can't say no to burgers - preferably vegan or vegetarian - then FRoSTA Foodservice's patties category is the place for you: Whether vegan Burgerpatty "Chili con Quinoa" or our vegetarian Burgerpatty "Grilled vegetables" - there is something for every restaurateur with "(vegetable) burger lover customers"! Only while supplies last!

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Stir-fry vegetables

With our numerous vegetable variants, from conventional to organic, no wish remains unfulfilled. All of our vegetables are seasoned ready to use and can be prepared quickly and easily. Discover the related products in this category.

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Convenience Fish

Premium grade fish products, especially Alaska pollock fillet, certainly represent FRoSTA's "core specialty" and have been since the company's founding. Discover the relevant products in this category.

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Stir-Fry Dishes

Our largely vegetarian and vegan stir-fry dishes, all specifically developed for professional kitchens and catering, are ideal as side dishes, main courses or as the ideal starting point for your own creations. Discover the relevant products in this category.

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Professional side-dishes

Rice and quinoa mixes are among the most popular side dishes on the menu. Making it all the more convenient that FRoSTA Foodservice's products not only taste great, but are also ready to serve in just a few seconds. Discover the relevant products in this category.

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Pastry Products

Puff pastry is versatile - it is used, for example, for sweet pastries with fruit filling, as well as for savoury snacks, for example, filled with ham. Give it a try and discover the relevant products in this category.

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Professional herbs

It goes without saying that FRoSTA Foodservice also values superior quality when it comes to herbs - particularly with regard to the optimal harvesting time, immediate processing and the proper freezing of the products. Discover the relevant products in this category.

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Breakfast & Fruit

Our breakfast range is built on the premise that breakfast is, nutritionally speaking, the most important meal of the day: Thanks to high-quality nutrients, breakfast serves as an excellent kickstart to a high-performance day. Discover the relevant products in this category.

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Vegetarian & Vegan

Abstaining from meat and fish promotes animal welfare and is no longer just a trend or an area of interest for vegetarians or vegans: non-vegetarians are also increasingly opting for meat- and fish-free enjoyment. Discover the relevant products in this category.

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