Our thoughts and actions are guided and shaped by sustainable principles, and this neither begins nor ends with our products. However, the topic of "responsibility" is one that many companies are addressing these days.

We are therefore pleased to be able to breathe life into this complex issue, which for us encompasses social as well as ecological responsibility.

MSC, free-range farming, animal welfare, emission reduction, and much more.

Specifically, our " philosophy and practice of sustainable principles" ensures, for example, that all our fish and seafood products are MSC-certified, i.e., originate from sustainable and stock-preserving fisheries. This is particularly important to us, as it enables us to do our part in preserving fish diversity.

Furthermore, our fruit and vegetables come from so-called free-range farming (as opposed to, for example, greenhouses), the welfare of animals is important to us (so that we source our non-vegetarian/vegan ingredients from dedicated suppliers), we are constantly minimizing our carbon footprint by, for example, utilizing solar power for deep-freezing, donating 2% of the total annual dividend to social projects, and much more!