04.04.2023 Vegan or Plant Based?

Many people think that “plant-based” and “vegan” are the same thing. However, there are some differences that we would like to address here.

The vegan nutrition completely avoids animal products. This means that neither meat, fish, dairy products, egg, honey, gelatine nor products made with animal aids (such as wine) are eaten. Meat substitutes are, however, allowed for vegans, even if these vegan alternative products often contain additives, flavourings or colourings. Since all animal products (such as wool, leather or fur) are excluded for vegans in everyday life, veganism can also be called a kind of lifestyle. In Germany, about 2% of the population live vegan.

The plant-based nutrition consists mainly of plant products. Now you could almost say that this is vegan. But the plant-based nutrition doesn`t fundamentally exclude animal products. Meat, fish, dairy products and eggs can supplement the diet. By and large, the plant-based nutrition has the same principles as flexitarianism. Flexitarians also focus their diet on plant-based products and eat animal products as well, but in moderation. However, they also pay attention to quality. According to surveys, the proportion of flexitarians in Germany is almost 50%. More than a third of Germans consciously pay attention to a plant-based, high-quality nutrition.

And these almost 50% of Germans would also like to go out to eat or eat in the company restaurant. But can a gastronome or a canteen kitchen offer vegans and flexitarians something appealing at all?

Yes, because we know that home-made vegan or plant-based dishes or side dishes are very time-consuming for the chef and there is still a lack of staff, we at FRoSTA Foodservice have developed a range that is also – because it is also vegan – suitable for vegans and easy to handle for restaurants and large kitchens.

Our range includes Plant Based Fish, Plant Based Chicken, Plant Based Schnitzel and Plant Based Hamburger and Frikadelle and thus always offers the right alternative to the gastronomic “racers” based on meat and fish.

Schnitzel from the field

The ingredient lists of many other protein substitutes consist only of water, thickeners, protein structates, flavours and flavour enhancers. Is that what you want to offer a guest?
We think so: NO!
We don’t just call our range “Plant Based” to get attention. Our “Plant Based” range is actually based on vegetables!

Plant Base by FRoSTA Foodservice

FRoSTA’s plant-based products consist mainly of white vegetables such as cauliflower, white beans and salsify, but also – depending on the product – mushrooms, onions and beetroot. Jackfruit provides structure, as do sunflower and wheat textures.

The products are typical for FRoSTA without colourings, without flavour enhancers, without aromas and without preservatives and yeast extracts. And thus without any additives on the menu that require labelling. In addition, we do not use soya. The products can be prepared classically or safely in the combi steamer.

Convince yourself of these products. They are already available from many wholesalers.