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Vegan Battered Fish from the Field in a Pretzel Roll

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FRoSTA Foodservice at a glance

FRoSTA Foodservice GmbH is a subsidiary of FRoSTA AG in Bremerhaven. As part of FRoSTA AG, we are the frozen food specialists for the out-of-home market and industrial operations. In addition to our extensive convenience range of e.g. high-quality ready-to-eat and fish dishes, we also develop specialty products tailored to our user groups' gastronomic needs, e.g. sprayed pasta varieties from our own fresh pasta production.

As we are always in close contact with the diverse users of our products, we know the requirements of the market very well and use this information as a basis for the development of new products. As a result, all our products have been designed to be extremely user-friendly and reliable. For example, products developed for preparation in a combination steamer are ready to use and do not require any additional cooking fat – saving time, money and calories.

Aspects such as the portionability of our products, handcrafted appearance, and economical preparation methods are also very important to users in the bulk foodservice industry and are therefore also a top priority in our development work. The scope of our frozen product range also allows for a wide variety of creative combinations.